Best Drill Press Review 2021

Drill presses ensure that your holes are drilled precisely and evenly. They also have more power than conventional drilling methods, making it simple to drill holes. Drill presses can be used with a range of materials, including various types of wood and metal, depending on the drill bit used.

Drill Press Reviews

1. WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press

Product Highlights

The WEN 12-inch Variable Speed Drill Press powers through metal, wood, plastic and other materials.

Drill a 5/8 inch hole through heavy duty cast iron.

The mechanical variable speed allows you to target in the exact RPM (from 580 to 3200) for your project with the simple turn of a lever while the digital LED readout displays the current speed.

The powerful induction motor features ball bearings for an extended life and balanced performance.

Best overall


Product Name: 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press

Product Brand: WEN

Weight: 89 lbs.

RPM Range: 580-3200

Max Drill Capacity: 5/8 in. into 1-in.-thick cast iron

Materials cast iron, steel plastic

Warranty 2-year, limited

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2. Dremel 220-01 Drill Press

Product Highlights

This is a 3-in-1 tool; it’s a drill press, rotary tool holder, and Flex Shaft tool stand, it’s the perfect solution for stationary projects.

Drill vertically or in any angle, adjustable in increments of 15 degrees. Hold the tool horizontally, up to 90 degrees; polish metal objects, sand different shapes, or grind metal pieces.

The Workstation features an integrated Flex Shaft holder allowing telescopic adjustments to any height between 16 and 29 inches.

The sturdy metal base with 4 clamping points securely holds your workpiece, while the base’s inch and metric markings provide accurate measurements.

Best Budget


Peak Torque: 350 in-lbs.

RPM: 1,700

Battery Volt: 12V

Chuck: 1/2 in

Clutch: 17

Measured Charge Time: 30-75 min.

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3. Delta 18-900L Laser Drill Press

Product Highlights

This Drill Press is designed with the woodworker in mind.

With a 3/4-HP motor and a full 6″ quill stroke, you’ll be able to get tough drilling jobs done.

The patented oversized woodworker’s table bevels and tilts for compound drilling operations.

This Drill Press also features T-slots for clamping and a removable center insert for through-table drilling.

Best Floor-Standing


Product Name: DELTA 8-Amp 16-Speed Floor Drill Press

Product Brand: Delta

RPM Range: 3000

Max Drill Capacity: 5/8-in

Materials: Cast iron

Warranty: 5-year

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4. Eurotool DRL-300.00 Small Benchtop Drill Press

Product Highlights

This drill press fits effortlessly into any workspace, with a platform measuring 6.75 inches x 6.75 inches and an overall size of 10 x 12 x 8 inches.

However, despite its small size, it is not without power, although it is not intended for heavy-duty work.

The 110-volt motor can reach a top speed of 8,500 rpm and has three speed options. The 14-inch Jacobs chuck takes bits up to 6.5 mm.

Best mini


Product Name: Eurotool DRL-300.00 Small Benchtop Drill Press

Product Brand: Eurotool

Weight: 11.53 lbs.

RPM Range: 8500

Materials: ‎Various, Steel

Warranty: 1-year

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5. WEN 4208 8-Inch 5-Speed Drill Press

Product Highlights

If you don’t mind foregoing some drill press performance and control, the WEN 4208 is a reasonably priced option that won’t break the bank.

The press foregoes the more versatile variable control dial in favor of a five-speed switch with a maximum speed of 3,140 rpm.

The 1/3-horsepower motor is adequate for modest to medium-sized projects and typical building materials, including very hard timbers.

For a robust, steady grip, a cast iron base securely attaches to most worktables.

The 6.5-inch by 6.5-inch beveling table provided is tiny yet versatile, allowing you to tilt the drilling surface up to 45 degrees for angled drilling.

This drill press has an 8-inch swing and a 2-inch stroke distance, indicating that it is not intended to work with huge, thick materials.

The table’s slots are even large enough to accept mounting clamps and vises to attach the drilling surface to the table while tilting.

Best for DIYers


Product Name: WEN 4208T 2.3-Amp 8-Inch 5-Speed Benchtop Drill Press

Product Brand: Wen

Weight: 31 lbs.

RPM Range: 3140

Materials: ‎Various, Cast Iron

Warranty: 2-year, 90-day commercial

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6. DEWALT DWE1622k Magnetic Drill Press

Product Highlights

Drilling into metal is not the same as drilling through wood or plastic.

Because metal densities vary, you’ll need a drill press that can handle a wide range of metals.

With a two-speed, 10-amp motor and 4-inch drill travel, the DEWALT DWE1622k Magnetic Drill Press excels in drilling through steel or comparable metals.

The tool’s magnetic base allows you to place it on any ferrous substance at least 1/2-inch thick.

The tool can accept bits with a maximum diameter of 2 inches.

Overload protection electronics on the press avoid motor burnout and increase tool life.

It comes with a coolant tank that you may place as needed while working.

The lowest speed setting can reach 300 rpm, while the higher setting may reach 450 rpm, allowing you to effortlessly pierce even the hardest metals.

The drill press is pretty hefty at 35 pounds, but it is also robust and powerful.

Best for metal


Product Name: DEWALT Drill Press, 2-Speed, Magnetic, 2-Inch (DWE1622K)

Product Brand: DeWalt

Weight: 47.6 lbs.

RPM Range: 450

Materials: ‎Various, Steel

Warranty: ‎3 year limited warranty

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7. Ogrmar BG-6117 Drilling Collet Drill Press

Product Highlights

You usually think of portable power drills when you think about drilling holes on the move.

While they are popular among both Diyers and professionals, most power drills lack the accuracy that some applications need.

A lightweight choice, such as the Ogrmar Drilling Collet Drill Press, comes in useful when you need an extra guide.

This clever gadget is considerably more portable than a real drill press.

Rather of requiring you to carry a separate drill press, this gadget allows you to attach your existing power drill into a tight, spinning clamp.

This clamp secures the drill to the metal rail, providing the precise accuracy you want without adding weight.

Because the clamp revolves from 0 to 90 degrees, you can even precisely drill on vertical surfaces if you set the press correctly.

Best Portable


Product Name: Ogrmar Drilling Collet Drill Press Table for Drill Workbench Repair Tool (BG-6117)

Product Brand: Ogrmar 

Weight: 4.2 lbs.

RPM Range: N/A

Materials: ‎Iron

Warranty: ‎manufacturer’s warranty

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Essential Features


The first consideration should be the drill press’s compactness, especially if you don’t have a lot of storage space.

The floor-mounted version is plainly bigger and more difficult to maneuver.

If you have limited space, a benchtop drill press is a better option.

Drilling Capacity

Consider how much drilling capacity you’ll require before purchasing a drill press.

A floor drill press, for example, is better suited for large projects because to its higher swing distance, stroke distance, and distance between chuck and base.

This will allow you to effortlessly handle greater stocks. Meanwhile, the benchtop model has a lower capacity but is better suited for delicate jobs such as craft woodworks.

Motor Power

Another essential consideration when purchasing a drill press is motor power, since this might impact the hole size and material kinds that can be used.

Larger diameters and tougher materials will require more power than smaller diameters and low-density materials.

While heavy-duty drill presses with 1+ horsepower are available, 1/2 and 2/3 horsepower should enough for basic, everyday drilling.

Chuck Capacity

The shank size of bits and accessories that you can use is determined by the chuck size.

Drill presses with more motor power often have a larger chuck size because they can generate greater torque to spin larger bits.

The most commonly available chuck sizes are 1/2′′ and 5/8′′.


A drill press’s main functions is to drill holes, particularly large-bore holes or holes that do not go all the way through the wood, but the instrument has other applications as well. Your drill press may also be used to sand or clean wood and metal, drill square holes, deburr wood or metal, and polish or buff wood or metal surfaces with the proper bit or accessory.

As a general rule, you may use the same bits with your drill press as you use with your corded or cordless power drill as long as the shank size of the bit is not greater than the chuck size of your drill press (the most common chuck size for a basic tabletop drill press is 1/2 inch).

Drill presses, on the other hand, can accommodate bigger diameter bits than a standard power drill, which is one of its primary advantages.

If you just want the precision of a drill press for one job, you may not want to purchase a whole equipment for that reason.

However, if you don’t plan on drilling very big holes or into really hard materials, you may accomplish comparable effects by utilizing a frame designed to hold a corded or cordless drill in place while you use it.

These frames spin, allowing you to precisely place the drill and keep it considerably more still during usage than you would be able to achieve with your hand alone.

Final Verdict

The WEN 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press is our top pick because of its power, versatility, control, and longevity. However, if you only need a drill press on occasion and aren’t concerned with power and flexibility, the WEN 8-Inch Drill Press is a dependable option at a lesser price.

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